Tarot - Major Arcana VIII - Strength


”A mysterious Fortune Teller has just arrived in your town. No one knows who she is, nor where she came from, but rumours claim she owns a unique set of Tarot cards: when she shuffles them and then lays a card on the table, the character in it comes to life..” – This short brief […]

Sale Banner - Garmol Shopping Carts - Alicja Wójcik's Design

Promotion banner

A promotion banner design made as part of the work for wozkinazakupy.pl. The company asked me to design a banner for the newest sale promotion in their shop. The sale included a selection of shopping carts from Spanish manufacturer – Garmol. The project of promotion banner design included few propositions of design. After the choice of the […]

Viking character design - Alicja Wójcik's Design

The land of Vikings

A very long time ago in a distant land of Vikings was a little settlement of brave warriors. Those people have never felt a fear of any other people. They believed that the constant war was their destiny and a mission from gods. “The land of Vikings” is a series of Viking character designs with […]