Viking character design - Alicja Wójcik's Design

The land of Vikings

A very long time ago in a distant land of Vikings was a little settlement of brave warriors. Those people have never felt a fear of any other people. They believed that the constant war was their destiny and a mission from gods. “The land of Vikings” is a series of Viking character designs with […]

Pink wind

The character design of a warrior gnome. Gnomes are creatures that live under the ground and are close to animals. This one has very good relations with snakes and reptiles at all.

Hero Chicken

What is going to happen if you cross a superhero with little chicken? Chicken Number 9! This guy is not afraid of (almost) anything. With just a small sword he would like to cross the world and save anyone who needs help. Or not… And no, his necklace is not magical. He has just short […]