The land of Vikings

A very long time ago in a distant land of Vikings was a little settlement of brave warriors. Those people have never felt a fear of any other people. They believed that the constant war was their destiny and a mission from gods. “The land of Vikings” is a series of Viking character designs with a different role in their society.
Berserker, Fearless, Connector, Cheif and Smith – five character designs represent various people in “Land of Vikings” society. The miscellaneous allowed me to dig into my creativity and create totally different kind of design. To establish a design of their appearance I did some reaserch in Norse art. I have possesed a knowledge of a different art styles, so I could design armours. In addition I choose poses that could give the most personality to the characters. At the beginnig I designed the berserker. Jorunn is a typical warrior. She enjoys the fight with few opponents at once. She seems like gaining energy from the combat. The scars are her throphies. Guthroth, Fearless, on the other hand is a little bit different. While he still love the battles, he rather picks up the most difficult opponents. (More work in progress)

Hero Chicken

What is going to happen if you cross a superhero with little chicken? Chicken Number 9! This guy is not afraid of (almost) anything. With just a small sword he would like to cross the world and save anyone who needs help. Or not… And no, his necklace is not magical. He has just short memory.

Ghost Night Brew


The Story

I guess that every artist had a kind of art block in a certain moment of his life. That unpleasant state makes you feel that you don’t know what to do, even if you want to create something. I have met a lot of questions about how to overcome the artist’s block, or how to keep drawing when somebody has that state. I have experienced it by myself not that long ago. It was the moment when the Ghost Night Brew appeared in my head.

I spent my time on unproductive activities, mostly watching TV series and playing games on Facebook. I knew that I needed to create a design for an all-in-a-row type of game but did not feel any willingness to do it. The idea came to me during one play. It was a Halloween season. I just imagined all of these small potions on a witch’s bookshelf as she’s doing her Ghost Night Brew.

At once I started to sketch.

As I wanted to create an example of the stages path and stage itself I needed to take into consideration the whole User Interface. Inspired by Candy Crush Saga I decided what should my “game” include.

Of course, everything was based on the rules of all-in-a-row game:

All-in-a-row games involve placing and/or moving pieces on a game board attempting to create a layout of n of your pieces in a straight line (often n=3, but not always). Positional games involve only playing pieces, with no movement or captures afterwards. Wikipedia

At first, the idea of the board for Ghost Night Brew was a witch’s hut where the potions would stand on the shelf. It would look nice in the illustration but not necessarily in the game, where elements are moving vertically. At last, I created a classic board that wouldn’t disturb a play.

To the examples of stage and path, I added two versions of a menu. Everything refers to the Halloween – the Ghost Night.