The land of Vikings

A very long time ago in a distant land of Vikings was a little settlement of brave warriors. Those people have never felt a fear of any other people. They believed that the constant war was their destiny and a mission from gods. “The land of Vikings” is a series of Viking character designs with a different role in their society.
Berserker, Fearless, Connector, Cheif and Smith – five character designs represent various people in “Land of Vikings” society. The miscellaneous allowed me to dig into my creativity and create totally different kind of design. To establish a design of their appearance I did some reaserch in Norse art. I have possesed a knowledge of a different art styles, so I could design armours. In addition I choose poses that could give the most personality to the characters. At the beginnig I designed the berserker. Jorunn is a typical warrior. She enjoys the fight with few opponents at once. She seems like gaining energy from the combat. The scars are her throphies. Guthroth, Fearless, on the other hand is a little bit different. While he still love the battles, he rather picks up the most difficult opponents. (More work in progress)